Saturday, May 10, 2014

Eastern Conference Semifinals (Game 5) - That's More Like It

Who would have thought that the Boston Bruins would become shells of themselves on the biggest stage in the NHL? The playoffs are a time where your best players are supposed to be your leaders and produce on the ice. 

Unfortunately, this has not been the case.

Before we press on, it needs to be clarified that this was a generalization. It is unfair to lump the entire roster into that statement because certain players have actually played well thus far in the series. With that being said, the B's first line (Milan Lucic-David Krejci-Jarome Iginla) has been invisible. 

Krejci has been creating some great opportunities with excellent passes, but his wingers just cannot find the net. The point production is not reflective of the opportunities. Either way, they needed to turn things around. The same is applicable for Tuukka Rask. The B's were in desperate need for him to play better between the pipes. 

We also neglected to mention the fact that the defensemen have been horrendous and seem to lack the capabilities to keep up with the speed of Montreal.  

We live in Boston. We are supposed to critique our teams harshly. 

Now, not all has been lost to this point. With the series tied at two games each, game five was on Saturday night back in Boston. 

The Bruins stormed out of the tunnel and took it right to the Habs from the opening drop of the puck. They started to get their "mojo" back in the form of some taunting from the bench, including Shawn Thornton instigating P.K. Subban by squirting him with some water (lol). We all can expect the Montreal media to blow this up like there is no tomorrow. When you throw in that hoopla, along with some chippy play after every whistle, then you have got a rivalry renewed. 

As far as the game, the B's were in control on home ice. Boston's third line combined for six points, and they continue to be a force for the Black and Gold. Matt Fraser has certainly found a new home skating with Carl Soderberg and Loui Eriksson. The Bruins also capitalized twice on the power play. For the first time in this series, Carey Price is starting to second guess himself. The Bruins picked up the 4-2 victory to take the series lead.

The only con to take away from this game is that Subban scored again on the power play. They just need to limit his chances a little more. Other than that, the Bruins made the minor tweaks necessary to be physically and mentally prepared for the hockey nuances Montreal threw at them. 

Both teams will head to Montreal for game six on Monday night. The Bruins, who lead the series 3-2, are looking to close things out. 

Gold Star: Carl Soderberg...He posted one goal and two assists in a game where his team needed him the most. He has the hot hand right now. 

Black Star: David Krejci...This drought is painful to watch. The first line might need a shakeup soon.

Game five box score.....

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