Monday, November 28, 2011

Ryan Miller Does Not Have A Concussion...Big Surprise (Sarcastic Tone)

Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller reported to the media on Monday that he does not feel any concussion symptoms. An MRI confirmed that it was a neck injury, which makes much more sense.

When Bruins forward Milan Lucic collided into him on November 12, it triggered an uproar in the Sabres locker room for the lack of retaliation against Lucic. Miller has been out of action since leaving that game. No one really judged him when he said he had a concussion due to the severity of head injuries in the NHL.

However, something did not sit right with a lot of fans in Boston with the diagnosis of Miller's alleged concussion. His neck snapped awkwardly when his helmet was knocked off of his head. A confirmed aggravated disc sounds more accurate.

What Miller was trying to prove by saying that he had a concussion is a mystery, considering that his head did not even come close to Lucic's shoulder or the ice. A goaltender that had so much respect around the league for representing the United States in the Olympics just lost most of it.

The sad part about it is that it could have been avoided.

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