Friday, July 1, 2011

Bruins Sign Benoit Pouliot, Ryder Signs With Dallas

Bruins forward Michael Ryder was officially signed by the Dallas Stars this afternoon, thus bringing his career in Boston to an end. Even though many viewed this as an expected end to his career (being signed by another team in free agency), Bruins fans will not forget what he did for the team during their playoff run. He finished the postseason with eight goals and nine assists as he proved to be a key finisher for Boston as the playoffs went on. He signed a two-year deal with the Stars that is worth around $7 million.

Out goes one forward, in comes another. Bruins wasted little time after the Ryder transaction as they signed Benoit Pouliot to a one-year deal worth a little over $1 million. He spent the last season in Montreal and was known by Bruins fans as the guy who delivered a blindside hit on Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk. Whether we like it or not, Pouliot will now be on the right side of the greatest rivalry in sports. There is no doubt that he will fit in with the team.

On a side note, former Bruins forward Marco Sturm signed a one-year deal with the Vancouver Canucks. He was traded from Boston earlier this season due to an aggravating knee injury. He played for the Los Angeles Kings and the Washington Capitals to finish the season.

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